MP Camaso and Associatesoffer array of tax and accounting management. Our advisory services are designed to contribute to your long-term success and competitive strength, and we work hard to provide you with proper systems to implement effectively.

Whether you’re looking at identifying and mitigating your business risks, reviewing business processes and internal controls for operational improvement. We are always ready to lend a helping hand to careful action on important business decisions and transactions.


  • External Audit. We will perform the regulatory audit of your financial statements, in accordance with the specific laws or rules, to ensure accurate presentation of your organizations’ present figures.
  • Internal Audit Outsourcing. We will, as your outsourced internal auditors, provide independent and objective evaluation on the adequacy and effectiveness of your organization’s system of internal controls.
  • Financial or General accounting services. We will take charge of preparing your financial statements, for use of your stakeholders, such as stockholders, suppliers, and banks, and for submission and compliance to the Bureau of Internal Revenue and other government bodies.
  • Tax Accounting. We will take care of your record-keeping, specifically for compliance with the sensitive mandate of Philippine to tax laws.
  • Internal Accounting Outsourcing. We will remedy the high costs of your internal accounting department by being the provider of specialized services like finance management, tax advisory, staff and payroll affairs. When we take this heavy load off your shoulders, thus giving you more time to focus on your core business.
  • Business Fraud Auditing. We will mold the steps required for you to deter, detect and prevent business fraud through an understanding of fraud risk and the development of a concise fraud control.
  • Management Advisory Services. We will advice you on strategic planning, organizations’ effectiveness, and asset management, among others, to optimize your organization’s resources and to achieve business success in the long run.
  • Bookkeeping. We will keep record of your financial transactions ranging from sales, purchases, income, and payments to you by an individual or organization, ensuring correctness and accuracy of your books.
  • Specialized Training Programs. We will give you services with a comprehensive approach. This we do by taking care not only of efficiency in terms of your finances and operations, but also efficiency in terms of your people. Our tailor-fit training programs (insert hyperlink of list of training programs) ensure this.

Why you need our services


Accounting and bookkeeping is much more than tallying receipts on a record book. It requires precise bookkeeping and accurate financial statements, both for use of the business and for compliance to government regulation.

All corporations are required to secure audited financial statements on an annual basis, coursed through the services of a practicing accountant. This is imposed on businesses from sole proprietorships to partnerships and corporations, by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Why Choose MP Camaso and Associates?

  • Value-adding, personalized business relationships.
  • Professional knowledge from experience with various industries.
  • Quality expert services at par with other prominent accounting firms, at less cost.