About Us


MP Camaso and Associates is a multidisciplinary professional services firm that takes pride in auditing, taxation and accounting consultations.

MP Camaso and Associates include highly qualified and competent staff, state-of-the-art facilities integrating to deliver services to our clients.

We have accumulated invaluable resources in our beginnings. We have highly qualified and competent staff, equipped with the best practice that goes hand-in-hand in what we offer.

MP Camaso and Associates are united by shared values and an unwavering commitment to quality. We make a difference by helping our people, clients and wider communities achieve their potential.


MP Camaso and Associates was registered with the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission as a general professional partnership. We provide financial or general accounting services, bookkeeping, external audit, internal audit outsourcing, internal accounting outsourcing, business fraud auditing, tax accounting, management advisory services, and other allied services. We also offer consulting and specialized training programs.

MP Camaso and Associates Believes in:

  • People who values integrity, respect and team work.
  • People with enthusiasm and the solid dare to lead
  • People who build relationships based on doing right decisions.



Here at MP Camaso and Associates, we value:

  • Integrity. We realize the value of our profession, and know through our professional pledge and personal values that honesty and integrity are the pillars of our services.
  • Passion for Excellence. We strive to give you the business relationship you deserve, and to deliver everything we commit, hence exceeding our clienteles’ expectations.
  • Customer Service. Our clients are not simply classified and treated as thus. They are building blocks in our business endeavors. Thus, we treat clients with sincerest commitment, adding a dash of hard work.
  • Loyalty. We realize that all harmonious relationships require trust and rapport – when tended well, breeds loyalty. Here at MP Camaso and Associates, we nurture our relationships with our clients, our customers and our stakeholders with the highest value of reciprocated trust in mind.
  • Professionalism. At MP Camaso and Associates, we value everyone – from our clients down to our qualified staff. We respect each others’ bound to business and personal lives respectively.


MP Camaso and Associates started with the sole leadership of Mary Lann Camaso, functioning as sole proprietorship under the business name Mary Lann Pangilinan-Camaso, CPA. After years of professional experience and satisfied clients, the business converted to the General Professional Partnership it is today, MP Camaso and Associates. This transformation was evoked to give more legroom for the firm’s ongoing growth and advancement.

Our Partners

“We offer excellent service, founded on technical expertise and growing knowledge, reinforced by the sincere commitment of our people to help and educate our clients.”
- Mary Lann Pangilinan-Camaso, founding and Managing Partner

Good companies arise from good leadership. We at MP Camaso and Associates have this in copious supply in the persons of Managing Partner Mary Lann Pangilinan-Camaso, CPA.

Mary Lann Pangilinan-Camaso began her expertise as an external auditor of one of the top auditing firms in the country. In addition, she also serves as Chief Accountant of a real estate company based in the Philippines. Her specialty is Tax Consultancy and Auditing, supplemented by her established experience in wide and varied fields of the business.

The company reinforces its homegrown abilities and offerings by partnering with skilled consultants who provide advice, expertise, and specialist skills.